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Timberzoo stocks a range of certified hardwoods sourced from regrowth forests in NSW. A range of species is described here. SPECIES KD Stringybark E. obliqua, E. fastigata, E. muelleriana, E. agglomerata, E. sieberi  80 x 19mm, 130 x 19mm, 180 x 19mm Density: 800 - 870kg/m3 This timber is a mix of visually-similar hardwoods in light to mid-brown with lots of natural markings - gum veins, black speck and pencil- streak. It contains Stringybark species such as Messmate, Blue-leaf, Yellow stringybark, Silvertop ash and Brown barrel. These are species also found in Timberzoo's recycled Messmate mix. Stringybark flooring is regionally compatible with native landscapes on the Victorian coast and on the lower slopes of the range districts. Messmate and other Stringybarks are found in the Otways, Central ranges, Strezleckis and East Gippsland. It is therefore a great choice in flooring and internal joinery for houses built in all these regions.
KD Stringybark KD Stringybark KD Blackbutt KD Spotted Gum KD Ironbark
See Australian Native Hardwoods - Grades and Species for further information.
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KD Spotted Gum KD Stringybark KD Stringybark KD Stringybark
KD Blackbutt E. pilularis 80 x 19mm, 130 x 19mm, 180 x 21mm Density: 890kg/m3 Blackbutt is tonally similar to Stringybark but contains some darker tones and colours more caramel than cinnamon. It has a slightly curly grain and an average density about 60kg/m3 greater than Stringybark. Blackbutt is one of the most evenly-toned species available as an Appearance-grade timber and has most of the distinctive tribal markings of eucalypts - black speck, gum vein and hobnail feature.
KD Spotted Gum Corybia maculata, C. henrii, C. citriodora 80 x 19mm, 130 x 19mm, 180 x 19mm Density: 1040kg/m3 Spotted Gum is found in both NSW and Queensland with a noticeable tonal difference in Appearance Grade timbers produced in either region. NSW Spotted Gum is lighter with an overall khaki/copper tone whereas Qld Spotted Gum has darker browns. Both varieties have a strong tonal range within a single batch floor with lots of blue-green-grey sapwood elements.
KD Ironbark E. paniculata, E. drepanophylla, E. siderophloia 80 x 19mm, 130 x 19mm, 180 x 21mm Density: 1130kg/m3 There are several species in Australia called Ironbark - but Appearance-grade Ironbark is generally milled from coastal species and from the ridges and valleys of the Great Dividing range in northern NSW and Qld. NFG Ironbark often has mixed-tone boards that have been graded out of Select Grade to eliminate creamy sapwood tones and other irregular colours. This doesnt always happen with other species - but it makes NFG Ironbark a well-priced and visually appealing flooring.
KD Spotted Gum KD Ironbark KD Ironbark