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Timberzoo stocks a range of certified hardwoods sourced from regrowth forests in NSW. A range of species is described here. SPECIES
Blue Ridge Stringybark E. obliqua; E. fastigata; E. sieberi; E. muellerana; E. agglomerata 85 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm; 180 x 21mm
This timber is a mix of species with very similar hues and textures found in southern NSW coastal forests. They represent tones darker than Victorian Ash - burnt straws, pale browns, nutty browns and smoky pinks with natural markings such as gum veining, pencil-streak and a peppering of black speck. Species such as Blue-leaf Stringybark, Yellow Stringybark, Silvertop Ash, Brownbarrel and Messmate Stringybark are the same mix we see regularly in our Recycled Messmate. Density 800-870 kg/m3.
Blue Ridge Stringybark
Blackbutt E. pilularis 80 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm; 180 x 21mm
Nutty browns, pale browns and caramels make Blackbutt a universal favourite for flooring and furniture buyers. Very narrow sapwood edges and no extremes in the colour range means Blackbutt is one of the most evenly toned native hardwoods. It still has the tribal markings of a coastal forest eucalypt - gumline, hobnail and speck - to ensure it is never bland. Density about 890kg/m3 and class 2 durability for outdoor uses.
Spotted Gum Corybia henryi, Corymbia maculata 80 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm; 180 x 21mm
A smooth trunked tree - the name arises from its habit of shedding bark in a patchwork manner. Found from southern NSW to southern Qld. Timber has noticeable sapwood which appears as white to creamy gold and heartwood browns ranging from pale with khaki green filaments to a deeper chocolate and brassy copper reds. Spotted Gum has a great range of colour variation in a single batch. It is hard-wearing at 1040 kg/m3 and has class 1 durability making it an excellent decking product.
Spotted Gum
Coastal Ironbark E. paniculata; E. drepanophylla; E. siderophloia 80 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm; 180 x 21mm
This is often called Grey Ironbark in the marketplace as if to distinguish it from the Red Ironbarks E. crebra  and E. fibrosa.  But this is misleading as there is a strong overall rose blush to the polished timber despite the creamy sapwood, pale greyish browns and darker chocolates. Very dense timber at 1100 kg/m3 and also class 1 durability for decking. Sourced from forests on north coast of NSW and SE Qld.
Coastal Ironbark
Tallowwood E. microcorys 80 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm
Found in hilly coastal forests NSW to Maryborough Qld. The timber is mid-brown with a greyish-olive tint and some boards with a darker brown hue. Tallowwood is slightly greasy to the feel and has a soapy look which inspired the name. The natural textures of tallowwood are a delight to the eye - an insect trail or speck, a regular minute surface hollowing which black-fills to resemble an ancient equatorial teak and a streakiness of tannin around these hollows and surface checks which adds to the effect. Never looks new in an old dwelling. Dense at 1020 kg/m3 and durable for decking (class 1).
Jarrah E. marginata 80 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm
Dark wine red hardwood with blue and brown filaments and white gold sapwood. Hard-wearing at 840kg/m3. A West Australian classic.
Grey Box E. microcarpa; E. moluccana 85 x 19mm; 130 x 19mm
Dense brown hardwood (1100 kg/m3) with curly interlocked grain. Colour ranges from dense straw to light brown to greyish brown and boards can resemble both grey ironbark and blackbutt in colour and texture. Found in NSW and SE Qld but not in huge quantities. A specialty look in a beautiful timber.
Grey Box
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