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Chain of Custody Certificates SA-COC-003942 SA-PEFC/COC-003942
fsc  ®  certified sugar gum
SA-COC-003942 Eucalyptus cladocalyx
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Timberzoo supplies FSC 100% Sugar Gum in posts, beams, cladding and decking, and has Chain-of-Custody Certification for supply of this product to Green Star projects and all local government building and landscape initiatives in Victoria.
History of Sugar Gum Plantations in Western Victoria Sugar Gum (Eucalytpus cladocalyx) is a medium-tall tree, indigenous to South Australia. The best tree size and form of this species occurs in the southern Flinders Ranges where they grow to 30m in height. The first Sugar Gum plantations in western Victoria were established in 20-60m wide plantations in 1876. Sugar Gum was preferred by early settlers after it proved it could outgrow and outlive most of the other species trialled in this region. Plantations were principally established for shelter belts on naturally treeless plains, but the timber was then widely used for fence posts, rails and farm sheds. Sugar Gum continues to be planted across a range of sites affirming the belief that it is one of the best performing hardwood species in the medium to low rainfall regions of western Victoria. It is estimated that there are over 3000 hectares of Sugar Gum plantations originating from settler and Forests Commission plantings. Plantations in districts containing the best sawlogs are now subject to FSC certification to provide timber for milling to post, beam and board. The Multi-Purpose Tree Sugar Gum is a species which has many excellent environmental benefits and wood properties: The mature heartwood of Sugar Gum produces a strong, dense timber with a dry density of 1100 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content making it similar to Red Ironbark. Results from a 25 year durability study ranked the mature heartwood of Sugar Gum as DC1 (Durability Class 1) for both above and below ground applications. This is the highest Australian durability classification. Sugar Gum is one of the handful of Eucalypts which the CSIRO are commending for it’s sawing and drying properties as a young age eucalypt. Being strong and durable, Sugar Gum produces timber suitable for heavy construction such as jetties and bridges. It also produces timber of very high strength and low defect for use in the building trade - as posts and beams, decking boards and cladding boards.
Quotation Requests Timberzoo invites estimators and contractors to email specifications to for quick response and pricing. Please advise intended use and attach drawings and quantities where relevant.
Uses of FSC Sugar Gum Construction & Landscape Projects Sugar Gum is available as a Structural Grade beam in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm sizes. It will attain F17 for structural grade. It is suitable for pergolas, outdoor structures, bollards and boardwalks. Sugar Gum is also available as boxed-heart posts 200 x 200mm or bigger. Boxed-heart sections will grade to F14. Sugar Gum is Durability Class 1 (DC1) hardwood - the highest group for Australian eucalypts. It is suitable for H3, H4 and H5 Hazard Classes providing: a) it is treated with preservative in the sapwood component of post and beam, or b)  the sapwood is removed (to less than 5% by volume) in primary milling. Most timbers supplied in the present market belong to the second b) category. Remember - intended use should always be stipulated in specifications. Popular sizes in stock 200 x 75mm 200 x 100mm 200 x 200mm 250 x 250mm 300 x 200mm 300 x 300mm Landscape Grade A lesser grade of milling which is cut close to heart like small log sleepers, or has more than 10% by volume residual sapwood. It is available at a cheaper rate than Structural Grade. Bush Poles & Playground Logs Preservative-free, natural-edge, bark-free round poles for playgrounds, landscaping, shelters and rural sheds. Cladding & Decking Sugar Gum in 19mm board can be kiln-dried to outdoor timber schedule 15% MC - suitable for timber cladding and decking installed in accordance with BCA guidelines. It is suitable for most H3 and H4 applications. Sawn face and dressed face cladding are both available. KD Sugar Gum Decking Graded to Standard Grade for natural feature content. As a woodland species, it has low intensity of penetrating feature, shallow hollows which are milled to the reverse face of the board and is lightly peppered with darker visible feature, tight small knot and cross-grain feature.
References:  This overview makes extensive use of information and references found in The Sugar Gum Story: the Marketing Success of a Humble Shelter Tree - Liz Hamilton
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