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Timberzoo stocks a comprehensive range of adhesives, oils and timber treatments to complement the applications for the timber products in our range. These are available in our point-of-sale container office and can be hand-selected by you at time of timber purchase. Titebond Wood Glues Suit lamination of dressed timber boards in our furniture timber range and other bonding requirements. Titebond Original Titebond Premium Titebond Ultimate available in 473ml and 3.8 litre bottles
Also, Titebond Polyurethane Liquid Glue - a quick acting epoxy-like glue.
Clear deep resins for filling natural voids in furniture, timber benchtops and tabletops. Available as resin, hardener and pump sets.
Meury West System Resins
Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta
A non-creosote protection against rot and fungal decay. Available in 1 litre and 4 litre cans for painting on the basal end of timber posts, fence posts, bollards and pallisades.
Sceneys Decking Oil
Organic linseed oil based decking oil in 4 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre cans. Should be applied annually to all exposed timber decks and walkways after pressure- washing to maintain surface weather resistance of timber. Apply every 3 years to timber cladding.
80mm bugle-head screws in boxes of 100 for fixing 32mm thick Wharfdeck timber.
Wurth Stainless Steel Decking Screws
Food-safe Chopping Board Oil, Top Oil and Woodwax. Polyx Furniture oils for easy application to timber.
Osmo Oils
Titebond Original Wood Glue Meury West System Resins Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta Sceneys Timber & Decking Oil Wurth Stainless Steel Decking Screws Osmo Oils - Polyx Furniture Oil. Food-safe Top Oil and Chopping Board Oil. Osmo Oils - Food-safe Top Oil. Polyx Furniture Oils. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue
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