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The busy intersection of Toorak and Punt Roads might seem an unlikely place to find Arcadia - lacking as it does, any semblance of rural quietude. But there it is on the south side of Toorak Road - an 1850's pub that used to be known as South Yarra Club Hotel in the 1970s, and is now known as the Arcadia Hotel. 


This beer-joint has had a recent makeover. The old velour benches and Red Bull neons so representative of the New Manufactured Age were looking tired and life-worn - if not just nineties-garish. It was high time for timber to work its magic. I'm talking real timber. Not clakketty laminates and Armourguard finishes that promise resistance to wear and deliver only visual mediocrity. No, the very thing needed was an aged timber - a bruised and abused beam or two - and sturdy hardwood joists that had been roughly denailed by angle grinder. Done with such insouciance that the black marks of cutter-disc scorching were left on the surface of the timber as part of the textural fabric of the finished work.

Salvage-chic light fittings

Avid Cats fan and Arcadia owner, Ken Nicholls, no doubt believed that Geelong would be a great place to source timber for the new pub refit. Ken's architect Michael Bell from Ocean Grove had already trawled the racks at Timberzoo in Moolap for timber for other projects and now returned to locate sizes and textures that would suit structures and screens for the ground floor bar of the Arcadia. 


As part of the refurbishment, deep-set Oregon beams with a remnant white chalkface finish dissect the darkness above the pool tables, and bolt to vertical pillars of paired hardwood beams forming an open structural cage. The surface textures are sawn-finish, aged and weathered grey-brown tones. In Bell's hands, the original 100 x 50mm floor joists are used as balasters, pickets, screens, bulkhead and soffit battens and even as post-modernist light brackets. They become chandeliers with salvage ethic - but are just the ticket in this building - which already has a story, a long narrative thread, and the impressive vestiges of a decorative architectural history.


On the bar wall, Timberzoo's irresistible hardwood Sawtooth lining boards mimic this texture of wear, age, history and whimsy that the bolder timber components have determined. The dull fibrous patina is highlighted by the overall lightness of white ceramics, white-painted walls and heavy Victorian reeded mouldings spilling curves in monochrome white. Herein lies the real secret of timber. People respond to timber. They like its immediate look and feel. It should always be part of the fabric of a place where a community gathers. Like a pub, for instance.


Source List For Arcadia Hotel, South Yarra
Architect:    Michael Bell, Freehand Projects Architecture+Design  michael@freehandprojects.com.au
Builder:       Dean Deller  0434 161 741, Deller Constructions  deller_constructions@bigpond.com
Materials:   Sawtooth Lining Board  80 x 13mm, Rate: $47.00/m2
                      Ground-edge Hardwood Joists (selected)  100 x 50mm, Rate: $7.00/m
                      Sawn Construction Timbers (see Products & Prices


latest production and stock

Recycled Chalkface Lining Boards

220 x 14mm; 185 x 14mm; 125 x 14mm   Rate: From $56.00/m2

Timberzoo have recently produced many packs of this variation on the sawtooth lining board which has a remnant white paint and aged finish.

We call it chalkface because so many painted lining boards in old sheds were thus so very timeworn - and so many overhead beams and joists
traditionally wore a flaky white kalsomine surface that was similar in appearance to our own safe, acrylic-paint white boards
with glimpses of oxidation and woodgrain underneath.

Suit many shopfitting projects or bar and cafe interiors that require a breezy lightness as well as a grain and timber texture.


Recycled Ground-Edge Hardwood Joists

100 x 50mm   Rate: $7.00/m

These suit a picket screen indoors or outdoors so well, this would have to be best use for this product. 

As lengths vary only from 2.0m to 3.5m, obtaining set-length with minimal waste is easily achieved
 - especially if you can use the offcuts for a side project. 
Chandeliers, perhaps?

At Timberzoo, we have used this product for a timber display board frame - to highlight the visible difference between sawn recycled and dressed timber.


Ironbark Posts

200 x 200mm   Rate: $120.00/m

Lengths from 3.0m to 5.0m in Class #1 durability timber - for all sorts of outdoor uses.

Pre-oiled for solar and weather protection.


Blackbutt Posts

200 x 200mm   Rate: $100.00/m

Lengths 3.0m to 4.8m in dark nutty brown tones of Blackbutt. 

Pre-oiled for solar and weather protection.

Suit all outdoor structures and landscape projects.


Recycled Ironbark & Spotted Gum

175 x 175mm   Rate: $160.00/m
200 x 200mm   Rate: $190.00/m

Good stocks of these recycled bridge and pole timbers remilled from rounds to best-recovery dimension in a sawn finish.


Recycled Jarrah DAR

80 x 30mm   Rate: $17.00/m
60 x 30mm   Rate: $14.00/m

Seasoned and dry straight timbers to suit furniture or benchtops.


Recycled Messmate

80 x 40mm   Rate: $12.00/m

Darker and lighter brown timbers you can select and tone-match for your needs.