News From the Timberzoo

      DECEMBER 2010

  • Recent Production & Stocks at Timberzoo

recent production & stocks at timberzoo

New Zealand Kauri Pine   125 x 21mm   Rate: $100.00/m2   Qty: 400m2

The clean golden shimmer of Kauri pine feeding out of the profiler is always a moment of rapture and fascination for me and the production staff. Particularly when the feedstock boards are so pastel grey and rough of edge. Edge-damaged or rough-faced boards from a recent floor lift of 28mm thick Kauri flooring in a Kensington woolstore were remilled to a true flat profile at Timberzoo, and are offered to residential or commercial projects requiring a tightly fitted board with a deeply aged colour and patina. Whenever we encounter New Zealand Kauri, I wonder how much more of this timber we will see. Like Huon Pine, there is only so much of it.




Recycled Messmate   120 x 19mm   Rate: $83.00/m2   Qty: 300m2

Melbourne metropolitan jobs yielded quantities of 150mm hardwood rafter in good lengths that we were able to deep-rip into 23mm sawn feedstock to profile into 19mm Messmate flooring. 

The partial demolition and refurbishment of the Oakleigh Motel on Dandenong Road in Huntingdale supplied a heavy, richly-toned mix of Stringybarks from the old butterfly-pitched roofing of the accommodation blocks. Melbourne's first motel of the American post-war style, The Oak - as it was known - was built just too late for the 1956 Olympic Games. It incorporated many features of what became known as the 'Googie' style in American architecture. 

Googie style was born, like the motel itself, of the highway. Highway architecture sought to attract the attention of motor vehicle occupants with garish colours, weird formations and alarming angles in wall and roof pitch. It employed checkerboards, parabolas and blade walls perforated by Swiss cheese holes.

No surprise then that the developer of The Oak was a car salesman. The big sign with the bold pleats stood originally on a bare hillside surrounded by paddocks in 1957, and was probably as disreputable as the style got in Victoria. It gave Robin Boyd something to complain about in 'The Australian Ugliness', but when the roof started coming off in August 2010, some Melbournites shed a tear or raised a voice in anger. I know how they feel. Many of us resent rapid change and the destruction of visible memory. But in terms of land use, this site goes from almost derelict to medium-density residential. It gives several hundred citizens a home, and local business greater viability. 'Tis just a pity Dandenong Road doesn't look very Route 66 anymore.



Recycled Red Gum   100 x 75mm   Roughsawn   4.0m   Approx. Rate: $10.00/metre

Great garden or outdoor structure timber at a low price, ready to use.



Barwon Bridge Timber   180 x 90mm; 220 x 170mm

Stacks of beam ready for purchase. Get yourself a piece of history right now.