News From the Timberzoo

      FEBRUARY 2010

  • Awaiting the Launch of Timberzoo 2010
  • Recycled Decking Timbers
  • Ironbarks from Far North Queensland
  • Yarra River Yields Turpentine Wharf

awaiting the launch of timberzoo 2010

Opening the door on a world of noise and uncertainty has been many people's first experience of Timberzoo.  It's a working mill, a big space, and it's hard to find a starting point.  We hope the new front yard development of a sales desk, a showroom bright with polished timber displays, the reassuring embrace of hardwood cladding and the broad sweep of an open deck will provide a better welcome to Timberzoo in coming weeks.  We'll let you know when the time arrives! 



recycled decking timbers

Recycled Stringybark   75mm x 28mm   rate $5.90/m

This great little profile is a sensible size that gives the timber its best chance at a long life.  It's a chunky little milling that all sorts of customers find other uses for.  Garment racks on level 3 at Melbourne Central.  Handrail on glass balcony.  Stairwell screen installed on the vertical.  Heavy privacy screen installed on the horizontal.  Table tops and casual furniture applications. 


Recycled Tallowwood  
70mm x 28mm   rate $7.70/m

People fall in love with the complex surface of old Tallowwood.  It's like crazed and glazed porcelain with a similar hint of antiquity.  This batch came from cooling tower frames at the old Wallerawang Power Station.  A few millimetres underneath a weathered and fractured surface was fresh wood - and another life.  This waxy eucalypt is renowned for its durability.  I can promise you 25 years of decking life, properly maintained.  



ironbarks from far north queensland

The only thing I do not like about these 450mm diameter, 5.6m long giants from bridge replacements in North Queensland is the freight bill.  At $200.00 per tonne from Cairns, that's $200.00 per post.  Yep.  A tonne each is what they weigh.  But I love the way they age - and the way ironbark ages is only skin deep.  These fellas are 'striped' by relative exposure to the sun, their octagon faces softened on the hard edges and their many merged faces rippled with a curly frisson of surface checks.  But don't let me tell you what you're looking at.  The posts have a new home in a reorganised, landscaped front yard at Timberzoo.  Come and see for yourselves.



yarra river yields turpentine wharf

Parks Victoria have operated a river wharf hidden behind the Burnley exits for years - one part of their mission being to operate the rubbish traps that remove so much of the large floating debris before it reaches the city precincts.  Recently upgraded, the wharf yielded Turpentine decking planks 300mm x 90mm in great condition.  Wire-brushed or dressed-all-round, these boards would suit many applications.  Pergola beams (to 4.0m), seats, tabletops, outdoor benches and fireplace mantles.  Rate $120.00/m.