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  • January - February Production
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Rail Sleepers

200mm x 120mm @ 2.4m long     Rate: $60 each or $25.00/m

Several truckloads of durable hardwood sleepers salvaged from rail renewal works between Parkes and Broken Hill in NSW
have arrived at Timberzoo. This rail line is part of the transcontinental Indian-Pacific route in the remote far-west of the state.
It could be the last time that timber sleepers are used on this section. The A-grade Ironbark and Red Gum timber sleepers
will suit pathway, retaining wall and many other landscaping uses.
$60.00 each or $25.00/metre.





KD Tallowwood

138mm x 29mm     NFG     Rate: $10.00/m

This durable dressed board with pencil-round edges is a perennial favourite for Timberzoo customers.
It suits planter boxes, verandah floors, baseboards and exterior walls and screens.
This is a feature grade kiln-seasoned certified hardwood from the Australian Solar Timbers mill
on the NSW north coast - where absolutely nothing is wasted - neither timber nor energy.



Landscape Totems

Rate: $20 - $200 each

Offcuts and odd bits of Ironbark and Turpentine left over from heavy wharf deconstruction and dockings
make interesting coastal landscape icons and totems for the native plant gardens of the Bellarine peninsula.
Fresh stocks of these have arrived at Timberzoo in recent deliveries. Priced individually, they range from $20 to $200 each.
Bring the trailer and grab a piece of industrial art now.





Wharf Pilings

Rate: $100.00/m

Barnacle-encrusted and honeycombed bulks of durable turpentine pilings from bay jetties are good value at $100 per metre.

Longer pilings are generally twice the price - but these range 2.5m to 3.0m and make great gateposts or garden totems.



january - february production 

Sawtooth Lining Board in Both Hardwood or Oregon

Rate: $44.00 to $50.00/m2

Still some backorders to fill from January - but expect a surplus in stocks for residential or shopfitter projects.



Recycled Messmate


By months end, we should be back in stock of our very popular 100mm x 12mm overlay ($59.00/m2) and the retro-looking 70mm x 12mm ($55.00/m2).

The 70mm is our personal favourite as the narrow jazzy rhythm best displays the tonal and grain variations in the backsawn stringybarks.


new ebay store - timberzoo 

Lots of left-over packs from old production runs, as well as the falldown from ongoing production, are listed weekly on the

Timberzoo ebay store.

If it's a bargain you are after, then log on. Some of the auction packs sell for less than $2.00/metre.