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timber and coastal living

Duncan Pascoe of Ocean Grove has been constructing open, light-filled and coastal-savvy houses on the Bellarine Peninsula for some years now. Pascoe works with a cost and resource sensitive palette of materials but retains a strong unifying theme of recycled hardwood in all his builds.

Learmonth - a new dwelling in Queenscliff with broad views of Swan Bay - typifies Duncan Pascoe's approach to elements like polished hardwood and light-toned reflective surfaces. Flooding light from clerestory windows and from wide glass doorways penetrates the living areas. Timber here is used as cladding, screening, decking, wall linings and joinery. As a regular favourite, Recycled Messmate Flooring in 100mm boards have great appeal underfoot. There's always a warm welcome in these aged creamy-brown tones. The boards are installed as long overlay strip on a structural base of plywood or yellowtongue composite sheet flooring - providing a thermally efficient floor which prevents penetrating draughts and the loss of warmed air. Life on the Victorian coast doesn't mean building solely for an Australian summer climate. That's the Southern Ocean out there. 


A signature design detail in many of Pascoe's buildings is a low timber bench running the wall of the living areas which does service as seating and storage. Recycled Messmate in dressed board is the obvious choice for the finished edge and surface. It resonates with other timber elements such as screening and cladding, and sustains the idea of a relaxed, informal coastal lifestyle. 

Important too is the idea of reclaiming timber from local demolition and re-using it for new purposes. In Learmonth, Pascoe has employed Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak floorboards with a surface that is but lightly sanded and oiled. Constructed solely from these recycled materials, a bifold wall of ledge-and-brace doors gives access to the garage. The faces of the doors retain vestiges of the timber's former life as a floorboard and an overall patina of age and wear. It is honest homage to the Arts & Craft convention of combining fine workmanship with traditional materials and it sustains - as a practice - the fundamental grain of history in a town like Queenscliff.


Duncan Pascoe Builders can be contacted for residential additions and new constructions on
0417 524 143 and by email at duncan@duncanpascoebuilders.com.au 


new stock & production 

Brownlowed & Recycled Tallowwood

110mm x 30mm   Rate: $14.00/m
  80mm x 30mm   Rate: $10.00/m

A refurbishment of the Doug Wade Stand at the Cattery has yielded several packs of hardwood seating in aged Tallowwood.

The thing is - you can't sit on timber slats and watch the footy anymore at Kardinia Park - or its new corporate birthing name.
Either you sit on blue and white plastic bucket seats in the new stands or else you pay to watch James Podsiadly put
the moves on Paul Puopolo from the Alex Popescu Room. Here you can be cocooned in airconditioned comfort
from all the fun and bad behaviour - viewing the game through safety glass with the telly blaring in the background.

However, there is another home ground advantage here - and it's to be discovered back at home.

Cats fans will be interested in these lengths of reclaimed Tallowwood seating as decking, screening, seating - or as a back porch rail
upon which to rest one's half-time brewski - while pondering the unfairness of life, umpires and football in general.
Either way - you are watching the footy on the plasma from your own personal Doug Wade Stand that your back deck
has become a post-deconstructionist metaphor for. Are we allowed to have metaphors in Geelong?



DAR Recycled Messmate

150mm x 60mm   Rate: $45.00/m

Lots in stock in 30mm, 35mm and - most commonly - 40mm thick boards.

All widths from 80mm to 270mm.

It isn't often we dress furniture grade board to 60mm finish - but here's a completed production run - should you be seeking a chunky edge
for stair treads, benchtop or dressed rail for a bench seat along a living room wall.


Recycled Messmate Flooring

100mm x 12mm   Rate: $59.00/m2
  70mm x 12mm   Rate: $57.00/m2

Duncan Pascoe Builders order this regularly from Timberzoo - but there's plenty left for your own project.

It's a fairly distinctive floor in terms of provenance - when you come to think about it.
We save the seasoned rafters and framing timbers from old demolished houses in Melbourne and Geelong,
carefully dry, grade and mill them into dressed flooring to the same modern standards of milling as forest product.

All done in Geelong by the local recycling mill - Timberzoo.

Not every town in Australia has that advantage.


Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak Flooring

Rates from $49.00/m2

It's worth dropping in at Timberzoo to have a look at what is available in reclaimed floorboards.

If you like all things tickety-boo, then you'll be surprised how unmarked and pristine floors can be when salvaged from that
great fitted-carpet era of housing in the mid-20th century.

If you like the regular ticks of age, we have school floors that will tell a different story in the surface.

Please don't get all hardness-obsessed about old floors. They are just visible surface marks - most of the time.
Timber simply doesn't wear out that easily - and I earnestly wish to discourage the idea that all of a board's history should be erased by sanding.


Turpentine Beams

Recent supplies of Queensland Turpentine are from cross-arm stock rejected by power companies.

Whatever criteria they are using seems a bit fussy to me.

These lengths are not sleeper-grade. Far from it. They are sound structural lengths in a durable Class #1 timber.

200mm x 100mm   Rate: $48.00/m
200mm x   75mm   Rate: $33.00/m
100mm x 100mm   Rate: $24.00/m


Stringybark (Class 2-3)

100 x 100mm lengths are $18.00/m

Choose from 2.1s, 2.4s and 2.7s.


From old wharf demolition, we offer these butt-ends of jetty pilings - beautifully adzed and rounded - or else squared and bevelled.

We've cleaned them up without robbing them of an aged and weathered patina.

Ironbark rounds   $200.00 ea
Ironbark prisms  
$150.00 ea


Recycled Baltic Pine Beams

220mm x 75mm   Rate: $47.00/m

In an old Toorak building demolition recently, the upper floor joists - thought to be Oregon - were salvaged.

Beneath a dark grimy surface were flashes of golden timber where nail-tear had exposed the timber flesh. Not Douglas Fir but Baltic Pine.

A wire-brushed finish retains much of the character and antiquity of these beams and they will suit an inner-city build or a project that demands
the signature of age and a unique historical thread.

Not commonly found as large end-section structural timber in Australia - but at the turn of the 19th century and well afterwards,
Baltic Pine was much used as weatherboards, lining boards and flooring.


Recycled Messmate Beams

160mm x 90mm   Rate: $69.00/m

Skip-dressed to retain some grey age and expose the nutty raw tones of Stringybark Messmate, all these beams are over 5.0m in length.

It's so hard to find long and true lengths of timber minus any structural weakness that we donít think these will last long.

But ring anyway - in case we still have them.