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In The Rough Newsletter - July 2015
  • Queensland Hardwoods New In Stock This Winter
  • Northern Ironbarks

Queensland Hardwoods New In Stock This Winter 

Queensland Spotted Gum

Timberzoo is stocking a wide range of 45mm dressed board that would suit furniture and joinery projects, as well as being durable for exterior uses.

The boards are all kiln-dried to 9 to 11% moisture range and have the darker tones that can be attributed to Queensland sub-species markers.

Available sizes are:

290 x 45mm - Rate: $89.00/m
240 x 45mm - Rate: $69.00/m
190 x 45mm - Rate: $55.00/m
135 x 45mm - Rate: $35.00/m
90 x 45mm - Rate: $22.00/m



Forest Red Gum
(E. Tereticornis)

An often-overlooked, but great hardwood in the Queensland inventory.

The appearance of the timber is not dissimilar to River Red Gum - but the grain is straighter, the timber less brittle and not as difficult to season.

In furniture board, it will display a creamy rose sapwood grading to a progressively darker red towards the heartwood core with curly grain and fiddleback.

The boards are kiln-dried to 9-11% moisture content which makes this suitable for lamination and fine furniture practices.

Rated F22 in strength, Class #1 in Durability, Forest Red Gum can be used for exterior pergola and decking structures.

Available sizes are:

280 x 42mm - Rate: $69.00/m
235 x 42mm - Rate: $59.00/m
185 x 42mm - Rate: $49.00/m
135 x 42mm - Rate: $29.00/m
90 x 42mm - Rate: $20.00/m



Screening Battens

45 x 45mm - Rate: $8.60/m

Stocks of Spotted Gum/Ironbark/Red Gum battens make for a durable screening, picket or shade batten option for outdoor projects.

They also make great stairwell screens and room dividers where the timber is clear finished to highlight the colour and grain.



Queensland Flooring - KD Spotted Gum

We have sold Spotted Gum flooring for many years now - but the risks associated with using Queensland varietals (Corymbia Henrii, Corymbia Citriodora)
with Corymbia Maculata dried to the ambient humidity of northern regions has always been a serious concern.
What works as flooring in Noosa doesn't always work in Narre Warren in a dry Victorian summer.

In recent months a line of product dried specifically for a Victorian market at 9 to 11% moisture content has been developed.
Darker than NSW Spotted Gum, the tonal range extends to milk browns, dark russets and deep ochres with blue-grey filaments.

The grade is a combination of Standard Grade and NFG - we call it Std-feature grade.
It has moderate degree of natural feature in the packs on less than 50% of all boards.

Qld Spotted Gum   130 x 19mm - Std-feature grade - Rate: $83.00/m2
Qld Spotted Gum   130 x 14mm - Std-feature grade - Rate: $75.00/m2



Northern Ironbarks

Recycled Ironbark

300 x 150mm - Lengths to 5.5m - Rate: $180.00/m

Sourced from wharf salvage in northern Queensland, these bearers have only occasional metal spike and bolthole
and have retained a high structural index for reuse in building projects.



Recycled Ironbark

170 x 170mm - Rate: $100.00/m

At 4.5m in length with a furrowed weathered surface, these ironbarks are ideal pergola posts.


Recycled Ironbark Sleepers

2.4m long - AA Grade - Rate: $65.00 each

Also in stock:

Over-length 2.7m Sleepers
Transom Sleepers 250 x 150mm to 4.0m

Ex-Railway sleepers from the Griffith-Hillston line in country NSW illustrate the essentially local nature of sleeper-cutting and regional forestry in the early years of the 20th Century. Timber was a rural industry linked more closely to farming than to urban construction. The urban-industrial model of forestry was developed much later in the 1950s when the technology of removing logs from a montane forest to a mill was greatly improved.

In the early years of the 20th Century, site mills processed the smaller inland Eucalyptus crebra variety of ironbark from regional forests. The species grew in cypress forests near Baradine, in the rocky uplands north of Rankin Springs, and in Belah forests north of Hillston - where the agricultural belt peters out. It may have occurred in stands in the irrigation areas around Goolgowi and Merriwagga - perhaps on well-drained clay soils where the black box were less advantaged by flooding. Ironbarks - along with the black box and red gums - disappeared from the farming and grazing regions as the Riverina developed. Just where the original grasslands north of Hay merged with the original open woodlands of the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers is now lost to us. It has all been cleared for agriculture.

E.Crebra is an interesting ironbark. A deep, dark red colour - it is immensely tough and durable. Growing in low rainfall areas, the wood has a lower than normal moisture content when green - and this means it does not lose as much dimension as coastal range eucalypts while seasoning. Look for it if you travel north on the Kidman Way or the Newell Hwy. It has blue-green long narrow leaves and a furrowed bark which can be either as black as creosote - or a bit sun-bleached to dark grey.

The recycled ironbark sleepers in stock at Timberzoo are 2.4m long and AA in grade - rate $65.00 each. They suit landscaping and garden bed projects. We also stock over-length 2.7m sleepers and transom sleepers 250 x 150mm to 4.0m. See http://www.timberzoo.com.au/landscapers-specials.htm



Mungindi Ironbarks

250 x 150mm - 2.8m Long - Rate: $90.00/m

There are still hundreds of these rail bridge tie beams salvaged from culvert rail bridges on the Moree to Mungindi branch line.

All at 2.8mtrs long - rate $90.00/m. Great for stirruped pergola posts and for landscape projects where a sleeper just isn't big enough.

Ask for deals on bulk orders.


Dressed Mungindi Ironbarks

220 x 40mm - Rate: $80.00/m

Several production runs of resawn bridge timbers have been undertaken - and all have delivered a very rustic finely-fractured 40mm board that makes beautiful furniture.