News From the Timberzoo

      MARCH 2010

  • Giant Steps Await You at New Showroom
  • Recycled Bridge Stringers
  • Jarrah, Jarrah, Jarrah

giant steps await you at new showroom

Timberzoo's new showroom is a timber cocoon housing internal polished floors and timber displays, but outside the cocoon, the timbers are raw and massive.  The vast deck is Blackbutt Wharfdeck with Stringybark cladding.  No doubt this will silver with time and enhance the cocoon effect of glowing timber inside a weathered shell. 

 Timberzoo's new Moolap showroom

One of my favourite features of the new build is that it incorporates short sections of 300 x 150mm bridge hardwood as steps leading up to the verandah.  I often promote the use of heavy timbers for external steps, treads or edging in outdoor structures to customers, and I'm glad that I can now show them an instance of this application.  An installation - like a picture - paints a thousand words.



Often clients seek a durable hardwood tread at 300 x 50mm in dressed board and I feel obliged to redirect them to a more suitable size.  As an open tread on an internal   flight of steps, this specification is perfect.  Sealed with polyurethane, the surface will be safe and true for all time.  Outdoors however, the surface will dish and retain water as a pool - even at 3mm depth.  The pooling exacerbates the cupping and poses a safety issue for a bethonged foot. 

 Ironbark, Tallowwood     290 x 45mm DAR     $75.00/m  

A split section tread solves the problem and saves money.  2 x 150 x 50mm boards are more dimensionally stable outside than one 300 x 50mm.  Even if the species is Ironbark or Tallowwood.  Dressed boards with pencil-round edges look as good as a single wide plank.


 Spotted Gum     140 x 42mm DAR     $28.00/m (x2)  

If a client has his heart set on a single wide board tread, we can find him a suitable dimension. 

If 300 x 150mm is too massive, then why not these:

 Turpentine     300 x 100mm     $120.00/m    



 Jarrah     300 x 100mm (5.9m)     $120.00/m   



 Or shorts 2.0m - 2.5m           $80.00/m

But don't be put off by price.  These bridge timbers in service on the new display deck and showroom are quite reasonably priced in comparison:

 Stringybark / Blackbutt / White Mahogany / Red Gum     300 x 150mm     $90.00/m   

 Red Gum 300 x 150mm


recycled bridge stringers

Road bridges in Yarram and Bairnsdale shires often have main load-bearing stringers in-the-round or roughly adzed to face on some edges.  Often they are nothing special to look at in the raw salvaged state, but they can be flitched or cut-to-square with a site mill to supply the dimension-cut post market. 

Sometimes a special batch will arrive.  Logs which are true to 12 metre in length with minimal sweep.  Big end diameters of 500mm with small-end diameter only 50mm less.  Hard to believe, according to Timberzoo Mill Manager Murray Lamb - but a tape put to the sections verifies these measurements.  Poles can be improved with judicious removal of aged and softened sapwood faces, and a brushed and planed surface applied to solid wood beneath.  These look like A grade green sawlog, but they are recycled and seasoned by time.  Perfect for the visible bones of new structures.



Rounds range from $90.00/m to $240.00/m depending on length, section and condition.


jarrah,  jarrah, jarrah

Plenty of great Jarrah offerings for March at the Timberzoo:

Reclaimed Jarrah  110 x 28mm flooring $82.00/m2
KD NFG Jarrah 80 x 19mm flooring $49.00/m2
Dressed Board
DAR Recycled Jarrah  270 x 38mm $78.00/m
DAR Recycled Jarrah  180 x 40mm $33.00/m  till sold out
KD NFG Jarrah DAR  280 x 42mm shorts $45.00/m  till sold out

  NFG Jarrah flooring



  Reclaimed Jarrah 110 x 28mm flooring




 DAR Jarrah boards 270 x 38mm