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  • Glenmaggie Truss Bridge Timbers Replaced
  • Stocks of Gippsland Bridge Timbers
  • Timber Adventures in Torquay
  • Demolition & Salvage - Cincotta's Transport Shed in West Footscray
  • Bargain Packs & New Production

glenmaggie truss bridge timbers replaced

In late 2012, the old timber truss bridge giving access to the township at the north end of Lake Glenmaggie in Gippsland underwent a major refurbishment. The central truss portion of bridge was removed and a new concrete and steel span replaced it. Deck boards and bearer timbers on the approaches above original concrete piers were also removed. 

As a superstructure, the timber bridge may have outlived its usefulness but as individual beams, many of these timbers are fine for re-use as structural beams or feature posts. Others can be fault-docked to restore integrity. Timberzoo has some wonderful decking beams 200 x 100mm in Stringybark and Ironbark, as well as floor beams from the central truss at 300 x 150mm. A lot of interest centres on the bolt-studded portal beams and sway struts. If only I was building a craft brewery and bar venue somewhere on the Great Ocean Road, these iconic truss pieces would make a great centrepiece. Not that I want to give away all my good ideas.

stocks of gippsland bridge timbers

Recycled Stringybark

300 x 150mm   Lengths to 5.0m   Rate: $100.00/m


Recycled Blackbutt

300 x 150mm   Lengths to 4.8m   Rate: $120.00/m


Recycled Stringybark, Ironbark

200 x 100mm   Lengths to 4.2m   Rate: $45.00/m


Recycled Ironbark

220 x 180mm   Lengths to 3.0m   Rate: $150.00/m


Recycled Ironbark

260 x 260mm   Lengths to 4.2m   Rate: $210.00/m


Recycled Ironbark

300 x 200mm   Lengths to 4.2m   Rate: $210.00/m





180 x 80mm   Lengths to 2.4m   Rate: $150.00 ea


Recycled Spotted Gum

170 x 170mm   Lengths to 3.0m   Rate: $120.00/m

Brown and cream tones typify this set of posts.

Highly desirable.


timber adventures in torquay

Julian Beattie has been visiting the Timberzoo yard at Moolap for many years now. Always in line for packs of falldown grade. Forever putting his hand up for remaindered stocks that had had their day and were taking up room in the shed. Much of this was destined for Beattie's own domus - a semi-rural block in Messmate Road, Torquay. Curious to discover how appropriate the address was to the owner-built dwelling and workshop, I trucked on down on a mild autumn day to see what purpose these trailer-loads of timber had been put to - and also to see the craftsman at work. Julian Beattie has a furniture business - 'Make Stuff' - and is happy to undertake all commissions that are bijou and creative. Shop fitouts, bar and cafe interior work.

There is an airy character to the open-plan living areas in Beattie's house - naturally-lit to the north through glass doors and windows, but shaded by a full-length veranda. As you move through the house and onto this deck, you are drawn in a broad curve past the new additions and on further to the studio-workshop. Work in progress assumes a sheltered back to the southern and westerly winds and it is a satisfying linear journey on timber floors, wooden decks, rustic boardwalk and old bridge bearers that remind you no other material functions or appeals in such an all-embracing way. 

There are no new timbers employed here in Messmate Road. Everything is recycled. Beattie's house was designed by Beattie, was Beattie-built and Beattie-sourced or scavenged. We admire this endeavour because it is a recognisable and fondly-remembered trait. Resourcefulness and independence were always part of the national character - especially in the rural tradition. 

Independence in building design and process can be difficult to characterize in the present age as we contend with town planning strictures and a developed tendency towards replication. As an ideal, it is often waylaid. It shouldn't just be what affluent people are capable of spending on reality television. 

Gee - I realise I've just blown my chances now of ever appearing on telly - and I even admit to liking the other fifty percent of grandiose design shows. It was just a couple of project selections that made me say that. 


demolition & salvage - cincotta's transport shed in west footscray

Several dozen Messmate posts 4.5m to 6.0m long are in stock and salvaged from an old RAAF base warehouse in Melbourne's west. The vast high-ceilinged sheds are afflicted by a forest of timber supports - not suited to warehousing in the new millennium - but great for recyclers. We have salvaged a couple of these in recent years. This is the third. This is a great big shed with lots of messmate hardwood.  


            Recycled Messmate     200 x 200mm     Rate: $110.00/m (4.5 to 6.0m)

Recycled Messmate     150 x 150mm     Rate: $70.00/m (4.5m)



bargain packs & new production

Recycled Messmate

130 x 35mm; 140 x 35mm   Rate: From $13.00/m

Check out in person these rustic feature-grade packs of dressed board at half price in stock now.

Loose boards at these discounted rates are available anytime from our 'Bargain Wall' rack.


Recycled Rough Sawn Hardwood

Mixed Species   150 x 75mm (2.4m)   Rate: $10.00/m

Seconds - but a lovely bleached and weathered garden bed edging - with no chemical treatment if you preferred none near the veggie patch.


Recycled Bridge Girders

In the round

Squared by site mill to 250 x 250mm; 300 x 300mm; 350 x 350mm

Plus a few 400mm and 500mm square baulks

They look terrific.

Timberzoo has never had so many posts at one time.

Come and feast your eyes on them.

You are always welcome to visit without a shopping list.

Sometimes you just have to inspect this recycled timber to see how good it is.


Recycled Ironbark Slabs

Various, but 400 x 110mm as a guide   Rate: $160.00/m

The faces of these sawn bridge corbels have been dressed to a furniture finish on the 4-sider and the rich glorious ironbark grain looks superb.

The natural or aged edge is a counterpoint in texture.

Stair treads? Bench, side-table, bed-head or front door? The choice is yours.