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recycled messmate in kathmandu

Newly-opened Kathmandu stores retain - in the fit out - an industrial-look envelope of concrete floors and walls with vestige patches of the stripped veneer of previous building uses. The new Camberwell store is founded in the old Borders Bookstore building. Within this austere shell, clothing and footwear displays in Recycled Messmate supplied by Timberzoo are viewed in an apparently unburnished state - but in reality through an invisible matt finish. This rawness in natural textures set against the coarse bulk of concrete and brick is appealing. As an intermediate texture - our Sawtooth Lining board would have been an interesting addition.




Since launching our new Sawtooth Lining board in August, we have had some feedback from customers who previously purchased packs of the cheap falldown grade of 'rustic' lining board with its variable thickness and finish. This criticism from Stewart Guthrie, Boxes and Crates, typifies the responses. 

Hi Timber Zookeepers

Have received the new pack of Sawtooth Lining 80x13mm. Just a few notes for future reference

1. I am quite upset at how neat the pack is. I really looked forward to wasting more time sorting.
2. I now have the problem of finding another source of kindling for my fire as the waste is substantially less.
3. Splinters were one of my favourite part of the 'off cut packs' and now I have nothing to occupy my nights.

Damn your product ideas and efficiencies.


 Stewart Guthrie from Boxes and Crates can be contacted on
0418 881 441 or sales@boxescc.com.au for any commercial commissions that use
timber for staging, exhibition or retail displays. Very peculiar requests welcome.


good - not grand - designs at portarlington

In the middle of the vineyard belt, tucked away at the base of McAdams Lane, something pretty good is happening with recycled timber. Good design isn't about the combination of the perfect and unique. Instead, it's about using materials that provide a rhythm and a heartbeat. Peter and Cate Slattery's winery and reception centre at Terindah Estate is spacious, but light in construction. A compelling presence on a spidery frame of galvanised steel. Sliding glass and steel doors function as opening walls spilling out to broad verandas with a view of the You Yangs through a vernal brume. Sturdy Blackbutt Wharfdeck supports the underfoot, solid Jarrah treads reprocessed from Station Pier timbers lead downstairs to a garden courtyard paved with recycled tramblocks.



Overhead a broad ceiling of Sawtooth Lining in wide Douglas Fir boards create a cadence that is in harmony with this modern structure. The 185mm x 14mm wide boards are sawn from old Douglas Fir beams at Timberzoo. The dark oxidised patinas and the smoky weathered case of the beams is retained. While the back and edges are planed to a high tolerance, the cutter heads are set to merely kiss this old surface - revealing skip-dressed patches and the regular pattern of sawblade ticks. A copacetic texture in the manufactured age. The timbers' claims on the distant or remembered past are set against the very newness and modernity of Slattery's building - but acquiesce without discord. More news on this when the project is complete. 

blackbutt screen battens



KD Blackbutt

40mm x 32mm     pencil-round edges     Rate: $3.50/m

Leftover timber in various sizes has a valuable reduction capacity - especially if the lengths are short to medium.

Resawn to battens in 40mm x 32mm, and profiled with a fine radius on all edges, odd packs of board find a new life as fence picket or screening batten in a fairly muscular dimension. It's a great use for what is surplus - almost waste timber. Much of it can otherwise end up as pallet or paling. These Blackbutt battens have durability, strength, seasoned kiln-dried stability and now they have discovered a fair and fitting purpose. Possible uses might be as elegant shade, privacy or window screens, and picket fences.

We have good stocks at Timberzoo at the present time and it is selling at a very sensible price.


Recycled Jarrah

DAR     270mm x 60mm     Rate: $120.00/m

To the customers who begged me to dress to a planed finish the long jarrahs 4.0m to 5.6m for beams and benches, I can now say - they are in stock and the chiropractor is seeing me this afternoon at five. Glad you talked me into it. These beams have an appealing finely-fractured dressed face and a dark claret patina that lots of projects are looking for.



in stock - december 

Recycled Bridge Girders

350mm x 350mm     Rate: $240.00/m


Resawn to square from old round logs that once supported bridges across the Tambo, Thompson, Nicholson and Snowy Rivers and their tributary creeks.

Lengths between 4.0m and 5.8m with a sawn face.


Recycled Spotted Gum Decking

86mm x 19mm     Rate: $9.40/m


The grade and appearance of this durable hardwood is faultless.

Furniture grade timber destined for rugged outdoor use. If you are planning to build outdoor furniture, it may be a better use for this product. 

It is much too nice to leave out in the sun as a deck for the cats to snooze upon.


Recycled Douglas Fir

DAR     250mm x 30mm     Rate: $32.00/m



Selected boards of fine-grained fir are re-sawn and dressed for reuse as furniture, benchtops and cabinetry.

Not all old Oregon is this classy - but chosen and selected for grain, it's unbeatable for uses where strength and lightness are required.